What is a Pre-Built Stair

What’s a Pre-built Stairway?
A pre-built stairway is pre-manufactured in a shop much like a pre-hung door or roof truss and shipped to the jobsite as a complete unit. 
TOP TREAD STAIRWAYS produces a wood-framed stair system which is fully assembled in our shop (excluding railings). It is then carried through any door opening to its permanent location and is attached to standard framing. Pre-built stairs are very common on the East Coast and in Canada and are now being used in California.




With pre-built stairways 8-hour projects become 8-minute projects.

Here are some other terms that are synonymous with pre-built stairs: 

Prebuilt Stairs 
Shop-Built Stairs 
Instant Staircases 
 Pre-Made Stairs 
Prefabricated Stairs (Prefab Stairs) 
Manufactured Stairs 
Assembled Stairs 
Housed Stringer Stairs 
Ploughed Stringer Stairs 
Green-Built Stairs 
Silent Stairs
Engineered stairs 

Anyway you call it; Top Tread Stairways is the name you need to know that’s synonymous with quality!


Two great ways to communicate your project with us

1. Fill the order form online, after the form has been completed and submitted you will have the option to download the completed form to your device.

2. Download the order form, you can then print and complete it wherever you go. Scan and email it to us at TopTreadStairways@gmail.com or fax it to 916-991-9701