Top of the line custom prebuilt stairs and stairways at a price You and I can afford!

Why Top Tread?

Top Tread Stairways:
Are held together by nails, glue, wedges and blocks - they are totally squeak free!
Feature Housed Stringers that provide much greater strength than notched 2x12
Are built with all kiln-dried lumber to last generations.
Are fast and easy to install; two men can install in less than eight minutes.
Have no minimum orders; you may order one or 100+
Are custom stairs available upon request and save you 175 saw cuts!
Eliminate the typical field-built, 15 rise stair requires 175 saw cuts during construction. Our pre-built Stair requires no cutting at all! How much time does that save?
Saves you 424 nails or screws! A typical field-built, 15 rise stair requires 464 nails or screws during construction. The pre-built stair unit we make requires less than 40 nails or screws to attach to the existing framing.
Stops the hours of digging through lumber! How long does it take to shop for and select lumber for a field-built stair? A pre-built stair is a real no-brainer. Saves time, money and headache.

Anyway you call it; Top Tread Stairways is the name you need to know that's synonymous with quality!

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