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Stair Calculator
This is an easy calculator you can use to determine the Riser Height and the Tread Run of your stairway based on the total Floor-to-Floor height.
Riser Height: the height of one Riser in a staircase. This is the amount of vertical distance someone moves when he or she steps from one tread onto the next. Per most Building Codes, the rise should be between 4" and 7" with the ideal rise for a residence being around 7"
Tread Run: the individual width of each stair tread (excluding the nosing projection which is typically 1-1/8"). This is the amount of horizontal distance someone moves when taking each step. Per most Building Codes, the run should be between 10" and 15". An ideal run is around 10".

Numbers can be entered as a decimal or fraction (i.e. 7.0625 or 8 1/16).

  1. Measure the 'total rise' in inches (from the surface of the upper floor to the surface of the lower floor).
  2. Enter this amount into Total Rise and set calculator for either inches or centimeters.
  3. Select a common rise-run combination from Simple or enter your own in Custom.
  4. Press Calculate and read the results in Exact Measurements
  5. Transfer the results at the bottom of the page to the "Order Form".

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